CDA Newsletter 15.0

CDA, now in our 9th year, has been busier then ever. Our last newsletter slated to be sent out in January ’17 was not released until summer ’17 as evidence that our clients’ needs are paramount. Despite the ramped up pace of the office we also understand the importance of mentorship and have two interns this year, Maya Elliot and Autumn Sariano, and our intern from last year, Ava Helm, is continuing her studies at Syracuse University School of Architecture.

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Chris Dawson Architect (CDA) is often focused on developing a rich dialogue between thoughtful contemporary architecture and historic buildings. Based in an office close to the beautiful Pennsylvania State Capitol Building in Harrisburg in a region rich with quality 18th- and 19th-century building stock, CDA has found fertile ground to explore how the past and present can enhance each other while serving the needs of 21st-century clients.

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